“Don’t let the Devil take your joy away”


“Don’t let the Devil take your joy away,”said a man to me today.

Let me set the stage for what led me to this invaluable piece of advice I was offered. Whether you believe in God, a tree, the sun, the moon, the universe, or nothing, still continue reading because the devil can be anything that brings you down….even ones who say they love you.

I woke up in a compulsive and frantic mood. I wondered why I do anything that I do. I questioned why I even write these words. I bullied myself into thinking that not ONE thing I do will matter when I die.

I started off my Sunday as I usually do; lifting weights. I spent an hour and 15 minutes obsessing over my finances and how I was going to pay this bill, that bill, put gas in my car, and eat. I pushed the weights and put myself through Hell because I was deeply dissatisfied with the slow pace of my progress. So, as usual, I took it out on myself physically. I wasn’t dissatisfied with my improvement and results in the weight room, I was whole heartedly disappointed in my successes in life, in general.

I completed my workout and proceeded home. I read a couple blogs of others and was humbled that there are many talented writers in the world. I’m not special. Maybe I’m not even unique. It discouraged me. Then, a friend who suffered a traumatic life event asked me to go on an adventure. So, without hesitation, I agreed. Besides, what else was I going to do but eventually drown myself in self pity and sorrow? “Step out of yourself to receive a message or learn a lesson.” I speak those words to others so I had to take my own advice and imply it. I’ll be a lot of things in this lifetime but one thing I never want to be is a hypocrit. So, I got in the car with an open heart.

As we were riding out into the middle of nowhere, I began to realize that nature is medicine for the broken hearted and damaged souls. We saw a rainbow over a field, randomly. There was no prior storm. There was none of the typical ingredients necessary in the recipe for a rainbow. But there it was. I began feeling different. I began experiencing joy. After some wrong turns and misled directions, I said,”we will find the way, God always helps me with directions.” Immediately after I said that, a random biker comes through a beaten path and tells us that the falls are a mile or so that way.(pointing where he came from) We smiled with excitement and continued on.

Next, we found our way to the water fall that we were searching for! The problem was, we were on top of it. The only way down seemed to be to jump off the fall. Luckily, I was talked out of that because we didn’t know the depth of the water. (Later finding out that I would have more than likely been seriously injured if I had been impatient and jumped) We walked around and found a way down to the waterfall but it was STEEP, like dangerously steep. We cautiously and carefully proceeded. Rocks, mud, moss, branches, jaggers, and just the extreme degree of decline was all standing in our way screaming,”danger.” We both knew that if we put the fear behind us, something awesome was awaiting and boy were we right.

Finally, we got to the beautiful water fall! There’s no money or entertainment in the world more beautiful than what is freely given to us by nature. We swam around in the freezing water and felt accomplished that we braved the difficult terrain and obstacles that tried to stop us from nature’s masterpiece.

Then, we met a man. He requested that I do not use his name in this blog but said I can use his nickname. “Kiski Planter.” He talked with us for a while and it seemed like everything difficult has led us to hear this man’s words. He spoke a humble but confident truth that was meant for us SPECIFICALLY to hear, at that moment. It was a privilege and honor to meet a man with such a faith and spirit. We walked a mile or so back to the car with him and before we departed he said,”don’t let the Devil take away your joy.” That is STILL echoing through my mind, heart, and soul.

Whatever it may be. An unhealthy relationship, a drug, a drink, a job, other people’s opinions, etc, etc, etc. Don’t let ANYTHING take your joy away. It’s YOURS. If you let go and keep climbing through Hell and high water, eventually, undeniably, you too will make it to your waterfall…. your inner peace. Keep on walking an honest, compassionate, and spiritual path and there is no limit to the beauty that will be revealed to you in your future. Strength and blessings.”#BzBe13