You hear that word thrown around as loosely as the word ‘Hello.’ It is commonly supplemented with statements like, ‘Kill yourself’, ‘You’re pathetic’, ‘You’re lame’, ‘You’re an embarrassment’, ‘You’re a joke’, and the list unfortunately and brutally goes on…….

I have heard each of these comments, plus many more. This isn’t about me, though. It’s directed at anyone reading this to possibly fill that aching in their heart and HOPEFULLY make the aggressors out there think twice before spilling violent criticism. And for those who have experienced this to feel strength that I have overcome… and……SO. WILL. YOU.

Can you find it in your hearts to look deeper at each individual instead of lashing out due to preconceived notions and stereotypes?

I can’t even stomach the thought of saying any of these things ABOUT anyone, much less to their face. Everyone is born with a chance. Most people live in hope that they will obtain significance, importance, and purpose of some kind on their journey through life. These insults wear down even the STRONGEST person. These remarks can push a healthy person to SICKNESS and a sick person to their GRAVE. My question is, how can you not see each person as someone who is a beloved son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandchild, etc? Someone who is loved and loves in return? Why can’t it be known that this kind of treatment is morally UNACCEPTABLE. I may never find these answers….. but that won’t stop me from laying the question and truth in front of your face right now.

I read something where a man was trying to exercise to save his life. He was critically out of shape. The doctors strongly suggested he work out or plan for death. This gut wrenching story stayed with me for an entire day, bringing me extreme sadness. The man was determined to live! He was on a strict diet and workout regimen and sticking to it! He lost 90 lbs!! AWESOME!

Then,  he received an anonymous letter in his mailbox that told him to ‘stop jogging his fat all over the neighborhood. My kids don’t need to see that.’

REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How DARE that person who wrote those cruel words. I hope they understand the capacity of which they injured this person. I hope they realize that that man may now cry himself to sleep and rather DIE than risk any more embarrassment. He may indeed, never exercise again….

What I’m saying is, there are no losers. There are people who work long, grueling hours for low wages. There are people who work 2, 3, even 4 jobs just to pay bills. Those are not losers. Those people are in fact fighters…. survivors. Those people STILL, in the face of exhaustion and pain, forge on with that one final spec of hope inside their hearts that maybe, just maybe, one day, they will be rewarded. It will pay off…

On the contrary, there are people that have laid all their chips on the table so many times that they have no chips left to stack. There are people who have given up and accepted their fate. There are people that received enough of those insults for a period of time that they have been stripped of any confidence that was once available. Was your comment the one that made them throw in the towel? Was your insensitivity enough to make them lose all desire to live? Yes, we each have THAT kind of power.

So, who are you?  Are you someone who’s killing people or are you someone who’s breathing life and hope into others? I have cried, put holes in walls, and felt so embarrassed that I wanted my life to be over immediately. I have been up against walls my whole life and criticized for my passion and purpose. Did that stop me? You’re reading this so you know the answer. NO, it didn’t. Am I stronger than others to be able to withstand extreme negativity and ridicule? NO. I simply made the decision to make people feel the opposite of what those insults made me feel like. I’ve set out on a journey to not only better my life but to empower others. I’d be lying if I said some of the comments didn’t almost kill me. I thought about ending it…seriously. That would take the gripping pain away. THAT.. would silence the hate…That is the answer…

I was a man who had so much self hatred that I broke countless mirrors at the sight of my face. When interacting with others, I expected to be laughed at. I looked down when I talked to people. I absolutely felt inferior to everyone, at one time. Well, NOT ANYMORE…

You may not agree with everyone’s behaviors or views but that leaves you no right to mutter the words ‘loser’ about anyone. They have every right to a good life as you do. They know something you don’t and if you stand over them in judgement and superiority, you’ll never learn something that might be life changing that they could have possibly passed onto YOU.

In conclusion, Words can kill. I’ve seen it many times. It almost happened to me. You almost never read this post. It’s that serious…..” #BzBe13

Strength and blessings.


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