Welcome to my Official Blog Web Site! #BzBe13

IMG_20140527_000426  First off, Hello! I hope all of you that have been following and supporting my posts had an easy time getting to this page. I have, after long consideration on how to make a deeper, wider impact on individuals, decided to create a page/website. A page away from facebook. See it as a daily vacation. I figured, instead of continuing to get mixed among the social media roller coaster of negativity, hate, and arguing, I’d speak to you all directly, here. Comments are always welcome but PLEASE use your heart when writing a post because there are many sensitive, broken souls going through Hell that need uplifting, not bashing. Thanks. So, I imagine if you have found your way to this page, you’re wondering,”What is he up to now?” Well, first off, let me explain the name of this website because, in my obsessively creative brain, I tormented myself with many different ideas for the better part of 4 hours. Finally, one word hit me, blocking out the sounds and sights of the earth for a brief moment; Valiance. Yes, VALIANCE. So you ask yourself,”Where exactly is he going with this and what the Hell does that mean?” Okay, stay with me, my friends. By definition, Valiance means having a valiant nature or quality; valor; bravery; courage. It all made sense when that ONE powerful word instantaneously electrified my brain and my heart. Everyone I speak to on a daily basis are courageous, brave, and contain a level of valor. Yes, every one of you! Everyone that reads, comments, and supports me have a resilient nature of being and, in most times, have experienced adversity to some degree. Right there in my mother’s swimming pool at about 5:00 pm on sunday, the idea was born. The Daily Valiance. It sent warm, positive chills down my spine. Now, I have to give life to it because an idea can not run on its own. An idea needs an engine. An idea needs a set of strong, passionate legs. I will be the engine. I am honored to be the messenger and work horse. My hopes are that you all will be some engines and work horses, as well. I’m not here to feed bull shit. This is all real life. I genuinely care about others. If you are reading this right now, there’s a reason for that. Find out that reason…… That, my friends, is how a thought becomes an idea and, hopefully in time, becomes a tool to help individuals everywhere because I deeply and truly believe that every single one of you are worth it. You are all deserving of all the beautiful things, available to all of us, in this life. And, in my opinion, we are ALL striving daily for peace and no money in the world can buy that. Self knowledge, self love, awareness, compassion, honesty, perseverance, are just some of the ( off the top of my head) necessary characteristics required to obtain and achieve peace and happiness. Without even one of those, the structure crumbles, to the ground, appearing irreparable,  You are NEVER irreparable, though. You just have to find what materials were missing to construct that building better the next time. Your walls might collapse one thousand times in your lifetime. Build the damn thing 1,001 times. One more time, one more day, one more dream, one more healing from a heartbreak, one more recovery, one more…….. You are always capable of ONE more! If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself. I’m Shawn. This site is not ‘all about ME’. Yes, I will be sharing very personal experiences with brutal honesty and depth that I’ve become notorious for, with truth that I have become loved and hated for. But most importantly, with a compassion and empathy that people can respect me for. Let’s get to it….and as I always say and MEAN, Strength and Blessings to each and every one of you on this day and night. Can you read between the black and white lines? Can you see the blood? The pain? The years and years of disappointment, ridicule, and tragedy? The hope, the faith, the driven purpose? If you answer no, this page may not be for you but I strongly suggest and, with open arms, welcome you to continue reading anyways because you might know someone that it could benefit. Please let them know. For those of you who answered yes, I am prepared to take you through a self-exploratory and, at times, gut-wrenching and difficult journey that will possibly help you identify with the person you see in the mirror every morning. I will not focus on the negativity that I have personally been subjected to through opening up my book of life to the world. That all comes with the territory of acknowledging a spiritual responsibility to others. I will continue on the path that I’ve been walking and writing from my heart and soul. STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING PLEASE. Ask yourself, right now. If you were presented with the option to either earn 1 million dollars or the opportunity to touch 1 million lives, what would you choose? The answer to that question  is personal to you and if you want to share, feel free to comment. If not, internalize and reflect on it because I feel strongly that this is a question that, if answered honestly, can explain who you are and what your driving force in life is. This very answer can be the key to unlock doors you have neglected for far too long. Tonight, think about that, DEEPLY.   As I conclude my day, I am excited to share this brand new page with all of my friends, supporters, and strangers. I’ve found, strangers can, over time, become friends and even the loves of your life. I will not be posting to facebook as much but I encourage all of you to share this website and become a follower of it. Join me on this journey, I’d love to hear from each and every one of you at some point. Mondays, disappointment, addiction, death and rejection are awful but together, we can support each other through life’s beautiful, terrifying, and definitely fulfilling journey. Love……And one more time….Welcome to The Daily Valiance! #BzBe13