Victim or Hero?


Hi! Are you a demoralized victim or a tragic hero? Ask yourself. Do you perseverate and obsess over the past or do you embrace the present moment and opportunity to do better? Some people use their mistakes to anchor them and as an excuse to not even attempt to be great in fear that they will somehow end up embarrassed or made a fool. Well, let me tell you. After you go through adversity and disappointment, you can surely play off of that the rest of your life.  You can use that to receive pity and hand outs. You can take miniscule chances, walk cautious, and every time you fail a half-assed effort, it’ll get easier and easier to accept yourself as a loser and attach yourself/define your character as your past mishaps and failures. I did this for many years. Everyone saw the wound. I used it as a bilboard shouting to the world,”I’m a misfit. I am broken. I am not worthy and undeserving of success. I surrender. Feel sorry for me.” Then, a shift occurred. You know when a storm passes and the sun comes out? Yeah, it was like that. After a 5 year storm, I finally let the sun shine through. I transitioned from the demoralized victim to the tragic hero. I wasn’t supposed to succeed. Many told me I never would. With almost every piece of my being, I believed them. But one day I woke up and admitted that, yes, what I went through was Hell but it’s up to me to choose if I want to stay there or use it as a catapult to a new level of thinking and being. Use it as gasoline to make the fire in my heart bigger or use it as 20 gallons of water to put it out completely. I got tired of being the victim. I got exhausted with defending my lack of ambition and making excuses. Look in the mirror. That person you see is ready. That person is healing or maybe even healed contrary to what your self sabotaging brain tells you. Say to yourself,”I will not let my past ruin my present and future ANYMORE!” Limitations are really self-made illusions. What I mean is, they are not real. They are as fabricated as the “boogie man” from your childhood. There is limitless opportunity to change. There is ample avenues you can travel to not only improve your current situation but to better your overall quality of life. I’ll end this piece with a quote. It is something I wrote when I decided to turn the page and be confident in the new me. “I shut the door to my past but I’m not going to lock it. Because I need to peek to be reminded what it costed…all my losses.” Be proud of where you came from but don’t stay put. You can do better. You deserve the world. Go get it relentlessly and fearlessly. Strength and blessings. #BzBe13